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I spent some time with Denzil Eden, the founder of Smarty AI, an AI productivity assistant that aims to enhance routines and automate tasks. Denzil shared her experience as a female entrepreneur in the tech space.  Throughout our conversation, she had great insights and advice for other women looking to play in the tech space.  Here are the key points from the interview:

Challenges in the Tech Space: Denzil shares her journey as a young, female founder in the tech space and highlights the uphill battle she faced in the crowded productivity market and with subconscious biases against women in tech. She encourages other women to be confident in their abilities to help navigate these challenges.

Advice for Aspiring Founders:  Validate your ideas and expand your understanding customers’ needs before building a product. Use landing pages, prototypes, and user interviews to gauge interest and gather feedback before investing significant time and resources.  This will prevent you from pursuing ideas that may not have market demand.

Investor Relationships: Carefully vet potential investors, treating the relationship like a marriage. Finding investors who align with the company’s vision and the founder’s values ensures a smoother partnership and greater support for the business’s long-term goals.

Cultivating Networks: Building and maintaining a strong professional network,  helps founders access resources, advice, and potential collaborators, all of which can be crucial for growth.


our guest Denzil Eden

Denzil Eden built Smarty, an all-in-one AI productivity assistant that plans your best day, every day. A trailblazer as a solo female technical founder, Denzil carved her niche with an AI-focused degree from MIT, an MBA from Harvard, and a distinguished career at Microsoft. Denzil is devoted to making your life smarter with AI — enhancing routines, automating mundane tasks, and maximizing every minute. When she unplugs, Denzil plays the piano, authors fiction and op-eds, and sips teas.