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Host: Lorraine Ball

Thanks, But I Don't Need Your Help.

Episode #1006 May 19, 2024

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Every day people reach out to me on LinkedIn, offering to help me grow my business. I’m sure they genuinely believe (not) they can help me. I’m just not interested.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t because I think I am the leading authority on every subject and have nothing else to learn. I object to their sales process, targeting anyone with a key word in their bio.

Don’t be someone I will hate! 

Before you reach out and offer your services to me or anyone else on LinkedIn look at my career path and my experience. Consider where I am on my journey to make sure you are offering a relevant solution. That will make your marketing efforts more productive.

I’ve been podcasting for 15 years and I have released one thousand episodes. I don’t need tips on how to start or promote a podcast. If I haven’t figured it out by now, I never will.

Ask questions about what I’m working on or struggling with before you dive in with your solution. I ran a digital agency for 19 years, so your five years of experience does not impress me.  And I sold three years ago, so I don’t need your lead generation, or while label services for my clients. 

Your books and training courses all sound fabulous (maybe not) but I have been teaching marketing to college students and business owners for more than 30 years. So, no,  I don’t need a free pass to your introduction to marketing workshop. 

Your solution is not for everyone.

That’s ok. Find people who fit the profile of a typical buyer and approach them. Don’t waste your time, creating less than great impressions on the wrong people.

Not sure how to find your ideal client? Well I can help that!

 Not sure how to find your ideal client? 

I can help with that!

Book a one hour working session to refine your market, and message.

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