Guest: Robin Waite

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It was a real treat to have Robin Waite back in the guest chair. A business coach and public speaker, Robin share a success story about one interview that lead to 1,500 leads and over £150,000 (approximately $180,000) in business revenue. His story underscores that the journey to overnight success often involves months or years of effort, intentional networking, and value creation.

So how did he do it? Robin shared a simple five step process that helped him create a successful partnership, and is his only marketing plan.

  1. Hyper Intentionality: Be clear about who you want to partner with and what you want to achieve from the partnership. Instead of focusing solely on personal gain, begin by delivering value to the other party and building relationships that benefit everyone.
  2. Get Out and Meet People: In today’s digital age, it’s easy to rely solely on online interactions. However, there is real value of attending events, meeting people face-to-face, and making personal connections.
  3. Be Helpful: When you are willing to provide value and assistance to others without expecting immediate returns you can open doors to future opportunities.
  4. Find the Inside Person: When dealing with an organization, get to know both the key decision-makers and the gatekeepers who can facilitate introductions and opportunities.
  5. Be Ready to Seize Opportunities: Sometimes you need to be willing to drop everything for the right opportunity.

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our guest Robin Waite

Robin is the founder of Fearless Business, a Business Accelerator for Coaches, Consultants and Freelancers.

Having spent 12 year’s running a digital marketing business, Robin pivoted in 2016 to focus on the part of his business he liked the best; training business owners how to be better in business. In 2016 Robin founded Fearless Business, a unique Business Growth Accelerator for Coaches, Consultants and Freelancers so help free them from the sales cycle of doom!


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