Guest: Jennifer Tamborski

Marketing is Like Dating - It Takes Time to Build a Relationship

Episode #1011 May 30, 2024

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Client relationships are just that, they are relationships.  While you hope that every new clients is in it for the long haul, we’ve all had those clients that we wanted to break up with.  So as you are looking for your next client relationship, maybe you need to think about it like a date.  Jennifer Tamborski, a seasoned digital marketing strategist, shared some of the parallels between dating and client acquisition. Just like dating there are stages in the process: Introduction, flirting, dating, commitment, and keeping the romance alive.

  1. The Introduction – It is about knowing who your ideal client is and creating marketing how to attract them messaging to attract them.
  2. Flirting through content and communication: This is about creating awareness and engaging with potential clients through the right channels and content. Knowing where your ideal clients hanging out and tailoring messages to attract their attention.
  3. Dating – Next, prospects have to get to know you. Using lead magnets and drip campaigns build the relationship slowly, over time. Too many people try to rush the process pushing the sale and commitment before the prospect is ready.
  4. Maintaining long-term relationships: Once clients have committed, keeping the relationship strong involves nurturing them with continued engagement. Effective email marketing and providing added value can help maintain client relationships over time.



our guest Jennifer Tamborski

Jennifer Tamborski, a seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist, specializes in empowering business owners with innovative marketing and tailored digital strategies. With over a decade of agency experience, she understands the challenges entrepreneurs face, particularly those striving to reach the 250K mark and beyond. Jennifer focuses on providing actionable insights and guidance to help businesses surpass their goals and scale their business without overstretching resources. She’s the go-to partner for turning big dreams into tangible realities.

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