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Host: Lorraine Ball

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I love email .  It is not that I love getting email in my inbox. But I love email as a marketing tool.

There are a lot of people who say things like “email doesn’t work” or “it’s passe”  They argue there are all sorts of other tools. you can use that are so much more effective. Well,  I agree,  other tools do exist, but there are some things email does better than any other tool.

When I have permission to send you  an email we have an interaction that is one on one in your inbox.  There are no distractions. Even if it’s only a few seconds I’m the only thing you’re paying attention to.

People open emails every single day.  They may ignore social media, taking a break from Tik Tok but too much of their life is still wrapped up in their email . So if you’ve got a marketing message. You need to be thinking about delivering it in an email


Are you using this powerful marketing tool?
Overused, and sometimes even abused, when used correctly email marketing is the most powerful tool in your digital toolbox.
With email you will see more engagement and higher response rates than social media, but only if you do a good job of segmenting your list, design your campaign and writing killer subject lines. Learn How!

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