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Host: Lorraine Ball

Half Baked Marketing Ideas

Episode #1018 June 16, 2024

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I love working with entrepreneurs. They’re excited and enthusiastic and their energy is contagious as they talk about their great idea. Unfortunately, I often have to tell these amazing people I can’t help them because excitement and energy is not enough to make a business successful.

Usually it’s because their idea is only half-baked. There’s a good concept but they haven’t really done the homework to fill in the details. The gaps usually occur in one of several categories

  • Not enough experience in the industry
  • They haven’t thought through the fulfillment process
  • Incomplete competitive assessment

In this episode, I share a few examples of how half-baked ideas could have been completed with a little work and a little patience  but entrepreneurs are impatient.

Don’t let this happen to you.  If you have an idea for a business do your homework learn about the industry, your competitors and your customers.  Give your idea a chance to succeed by putting it back in the oven for a little while. When you’re ready to talk about your half baked marketing idea give me a call  

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