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Guest: Monica Pitts

Take a Close Look at Your Website

Episode #1026 July 4, 2024

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Monica Pitts, founder of MayeCreate Design and host of the “Marketing with Purpose” podcast brought her energy and humor to this conversation about your website.    Like me, she considers it a critical part of your overall marketing.

Authenticity and Realness: She emphasizes the importance of using real images instead of stock photos and writing website content in your own authentic voice. Being genuine helps customers connect with you.

Storytelling: Your business is unique. Even in a cluttered industry, you need to find your unique stories and tell it on your website instead of using generic marketing language.

Consistency: Once you embrace your unique voice, you need to maintain it in messages across all platforms, from your website and social media, to in person interactions.  This helps prospective customers understand who they will really be working with. Not everyone will appreciate your unique voice.  That’s ok, the ones who do, will make the best customers.

Practical Tips for Content:  Content is everywhere.  One great source are you sales and customer service teams. Every day they hear the questions customers want answered.  Use the questions and answers to fuel your content.

Website Performance: Speed is everything.  Beyond the great content and effective conversion forms, your website must be driven by a powerful and fast engine to deliver information to visitors quickly, before they click away

our guest Monica Pitts

Monica is the founder of MayeCreate Design and host of the Marketing with Purpose podcast. She’s a techy, crafty, aerial dancer with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Monica possesses a rare combination of design savvy and technological know-how. She puts her down-to-earth problem solving skills to work providing solutions to marketing and communication challenges through technology.

When she’s not running her business she’s raising her two daughters, 9 and 13, petting her puppies, traveling with her husband, Mike, dancing in air or digging in the dirt!


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