Laura Wagenknech

Guest: Debra Bowers

the episode

I enjoyed the time I spent with Deborah Bowers, a seasoned marketing expert, to discuss the essentials of digital advertising for small businesses. Here are a few key points from our conversation:

Importance of Digital Advertising: Deborah emphasizes the necessity of incorporating paid advertising alongside organic marketing to reach a wider audience and drive more sales

Starting with Digital Advertising: For those new to digital advertising, Deborah suggests focusing on directional advertising, targeting people who already know they want a product or service. Spending more of your budget on people who are closer to the point of purchse is an effecttive way to stretch limited marketing funds.

 Digital Search Ads: These ads appear to users based on their search behaviors across multiple platforms, allowing businesses to target potential customers without the need for a separate budget for each platform.

Targeting and Budget Management: Deborah explains the importance of targeting specific demographics and setting limits on how often ads are shown to avoid overspending and annoying potential customers. She emphasizes the need to capture leads effectively through well-designed landing pages.

our guest Debra Bowers

Debra is a seasoned marketing guru with decades of experience in all forms of advertising and marketing. She specializes in creative strategy and creating campaigns that drive business. 
Her spiritual healing journey has been crucial to her success. She is committed to sharing her struggles and helping other women develop emotional strength and confidence.

She is passionate about women’s issues and Co-hosts a podcast titled Deals with Heels Where Female Entrepreneurs Thrive where she discusses marketing & Sales Strategy, Mindset & Personal Growth.