2023 A Year in Review for MTFW – A  Marketing Podcast

This was quite a year for More than a Few Words.  I had more than 70 lively conversations with marketing professionals from around the world. Some of my favorite guests from years past dropped by for a repeat visit and there were lots of  conversations with amazing new people I met this past year.

We talked about sales, entrepreneurship, marketing planning, content and email marketing SEO and PPC, and of course AI.  If you missed any of those conversations you will find a complete list, below.  There were also  marketing minutes every Sunday morning, where I shared just a quick tip to start your week.

All the Guestss


Alex Brueckmann – Becoming a Next Level Entrepreneurs

Alison Knott – Affordable Research Techniques

Allison Graham – Maybe Stress isn’t All Bad

Amanda Guerassio – Time for a Brand Refresh

Amanda Watts – How Introverts Network

Ameet Khabra – PPC for Smart Business Owners

Andrea Liebross – Think Like a Big Thinker

Andrej Peršolja –  Don’t Scale Too Soon

Anna Lundberg – Grow Your Business Beyond Start-Up

Annelise Worn – Implementing Your Ideas

Beate Chelette – Navigating an uncertain economy

Brenden Kumarasamy – Be a Better Public Speaker

Bruce Scheer – Improve Closing Rate

Che Brown – Seven Figure Sales

Christopher Weiher – Simple Video Tips

Danielle Hughes – A Bio To  Make People Want to Know You

David Forman – Manage email with filters and automation

David Oates – To Reply or Not to Reply

Deb Curtis – Grow Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Deb Schell – Building Your Community

Derick Johnson – The Who of Marketing

Erik Deckers – Future of Content Marketing

Erin Lebacqz – Start With the Words


Geoffrey Klein – Taming the Content Beast

Jan Cavelle – Understanding what marketing really means

Jan Cavelle – Emotion Driven Marketing

Janice Porter – Building Relationships on LinkedIN

Jason Hubbard – Start Up Technology

Jeanette Stein – Using AI to Improve Your Hope Page

Jeff Felten – Build Trust with Email

Jennie Wright – Leveraging Peer Platforms

Jennifer Denney – Measurement vs Attribution

Joe Matz – Be a Great Podcast Guest

John Hubbard – Easy Ways to Ask for Testimonials

Jon Rogers – Don’t Buy, Build

Josh Ramsey – The Marketing Flywheel

Josh Summers  – Security Tips for Small Biz

Jules Dan – Training AI to Work for You

Kate Chernis Bradley – Do you need a mentor?

Kelly Mosser – How to Pitch to Be on A Podcast

Kendra Corman – Email Works, Let It Work For You

Kim Thompson Pinder – Why You Need to Write a Book

Laura Wagenknecht – The Multipurpose Business Plan

Lewis Dalton – Copy that Converts

Lisa McDonald – Your Next Hire

Lori Highby – Mistakes Small Business Owners Make



Madison Masterson – Influencer Marketing

Matt Nettleton – Stand, Stagger Fall

Matt Parkin – Growing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn  

Meg Casebolt – Simple SEO tips

Megan Prejzner – One marketing tactic at a time

Michelle McNalley – Own Your Brand Assets

Nancy Erickson – Do More With Your Book

Naomi Gora – Bring your personality into your business

Nicole Krug – Email Subject Lines

Patty Farmer – Helping Sales and Marketing Work Together

Rai Cornell –The Human Side of Content

Rebecca Jabbar – Improve your Public spkeaking skills

Richard Rosser – Use AI to Tell Stories

Ross Keating – Sales is a People Business

Shaun McAndrew – Complete Offers

Sierra Janisse – Web Strategy

Stacey Hall – Better Content in Three Easy Steps

Stacey Hall – ABC Sales

Stormy Night – Give Google Information About Your Business

Tom Ruwitch – Why do Storytellers sell more

Tracey Watts Cirino – On the Road To Marketing Mastery

Tracy Beavers – Sales starts with a conversation

Travis Lee – Hop into the Mailbox


In 2023 I released MORE THAN A FEW WRITTEN WORDS, a collection of essays by some of my favorite guests from around the globe.  The book gave them a way to share their expertise in a new format. It is divided into three sections; sales tips, content marketing and strategies for business owners. 

The articles, like the podcast episodes are designed to be consumed in any order.  Read them one at a time or binge several at once.

The book is available on AMAZON in both digital and print versions.

More than a Few Written Words Book

What’s in store for 2024?

 I am excited about the conversations I scheduled. There will also be a second edition of More than a Few Written Words, with even more great essays and some virtual training.

Don’t miss out on all the surprises I have planned for my 15th year in podcasting,