More than a Few Words – Episode: 423

Social Media Planning

November 19, 2019

When you are developing social media, where does the information come from? How do you figure out what to write?  

This week, Lorraine sat down with Staci Seber, our social media specialist to find some of the tricks of the trade.


Lorraine Ball


Staci Seber

About Staci Seber


Staci Seber came to the ‘Peg after getting her hands dirty marketing and developing her skills with the BSU Dance Marathon and the Eiteljorg Museum.

As a member of Roundpeg’s content team, Staci creates social media campaigns and strategy,  designs email newsletters, writes blog posts and a range of other content marketing duties.

What we talked about

As we write content for companies as different as a flooring installer,  a bean company or a tech firm. the challenge is always finding relevant, intersting content to share on social media.

Sometimes we can share content from a company wesite, but especially when it is a new firm, we need to widen the net to find intreresting information which readers will engage with.

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