“When Employees Get Things Wrong”

episode #436 – January 3, 2020

GUEST: Randy Clark | Randy Clark Leadership

When your employees get things wrong it may not be their fault,.  If you haven’t given them the right tools, it is probably your fault. 

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As a leader it can be frustrating when employees make mistakes but it may not be their fault.

Before you blame them, Randy Clark suggests you step back and ask the following questions to be sure you gave them the best chance for success.

  • Have they been trained?
  • Were your expectations clear?
  • Do they have the tools?
  • Were their actions impacted by something outside their controls
  • Were they following guidance from someone else?

KEY TAKEAWAY: As a leader it is your job to give your employees the best chance for success. 

randy clark

Randy Clark is an Amazon best selling author (management and business skills) who is passionate about management training. He works with businesses to create and facilitate leadership development.

Although he continues to work with TKO Graphix as a consultant, Randy recently left his full-time position as Director of Communications for TKO to pursue his passion, leadership development. Randy gears his training to the needs of the client, offering training for future and current managers as well as leadership teams.

His training philosophy is based on service leadership. Over the past 30 years, every company Randy has worked with on an ongoing basis has grown. Here’s what Tom Taulman II, president of TKO Graphix had to say, “Randy began leadership training with TKO Graphix in 2008.

He has molded and developed our management team with his service leadership philosophy. The best thing I can share is that our business has grown by more than 400 percent in volume during Randy’s time here.”

He is the author of several books on management and leadership including:

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