“Where Stories Come From”

episode #439 – January 14, 2020

GUEST: Laura Buckner | Communication Professional

Before you develop a story, figure out what problem you are trying to solve.

the episode

Storytelling is the hot new buzzword everybody tells you to add stories to your marketing. But how do you put a great story together?

You have to start with a really clear picture of who you audience is.  Add to that a definition of the problem you are trying to solve.

In this episode Laura shares real-world examples from her work with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir and Riley Hospital. In each case, the story emerged when she asked a few simple questions.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Look for the unusual story to catch people slightly off guard. 

our guest

Communication professional Laura Buckner has won four Emmys for her video production, writing and story telling.  

She has applied her storytelling skills in  marketing communication roles at Riley Hospital, Indianapolis Children’s Choir, Coburn Place,  and Beyond Monumental. 

In her own words, ” I love telling stories in a variety of ways, and I enjoy people. When I can make a connection, it’s amazing the stories those people will tell.”

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