“How to Write an Employee Profile”

episode #443 January 28, 2020 

GUEST: Sam Von Tobel | Roundpeg

Give customers a chance to get to know your employees.

the episode

A good way to start an employee profile is with a simple introduction. Your first round of questions should be some nice soft ball questions to help ease your subject into the interview.

Get some baseline information. Start with their name, even if you already know it, making sure to get the correct spelling.

This can help establish some rapport, not to mention avoiding a misspelled name right at the top of your bio.

Then move on to their job. Typically, people are a lot more comfortable talking about their work than themselves. So, once you’ve got some of the basic questions out of the way move on to their job.

Finally, the fun part of writing an employee profile comes when you add details to show the human and personal side of your interviewee such as their hobbies and other interests outside of work.

KEY TAKEAWAY:  As you interview more employees you can fine tune your questions to make your subjects feel comfortable which will give you better answers.

our guest

Although not technically born in Indiana (Michigan) Sam bleeds cream and crimson. With a degree in Sports Communication from Indiana University, it’s no surprise his favorite basketball teams are the Hoosiers, Colts, Pacers and really any Indiana team that isn’t Purdue.

His official duties as the Digital Content Manager at Roundpeg include developing strategies, writing content and executing marketing programs to help clients meet their goals. 

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