Communicate with Impact

episode #444 – January 31, 2020

GUEST: Patrick Donadio /

Are you communicating with impact?



the episode

We talk, write and create messages all day long. But do our messages actually create the impact we’re looking for?

Our guest Patrick Donadio outlined a six step process for communicating with IMPACT using a simple acronym to make it easy to remember the six steps. .

  • I stands for intention. So why am I having this conversation? Or why am I creating this content?
  • M is the message and the methods you will use.  What do you want to say and how will you deliver the information?
  • P is the person the message is for.  How do you personalize the message based on who the receiver is going to be?
  • A is for activate, bringing the message to life. How engaging the listener in the interaction 
  • C is for clarify. Beyond delivery, you must confirm the recipient understood.
  • T is for transfer and transition. How will the communication change or transform the person or the situation?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Communicating with Impact requires planning, preparation and a commitment to engaging the other person. 

our guest

For the past three decades, Patrick Donadio has spoken nationally and internationally and trained thousands of leaders and their teams, in a variety of industries, from Fortune 100 companies to associations.

In his desire to help C-Suite executives and all leaders “grow their people”, Patrick has taken his decades of experience and crafted a results-based process detailed in his book, “Communicating with IMPACT”. His process focuses on improving communication, increasing profits, and boosting performance in less time.

Patrick has served on the board of the National Speakers Association (NSA). He is also one of a few people in the world to have earned both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSPTM) designation from the NSA, and the Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the highest distinction from both associations.

As a business communication coach, Donadio works with C-suite executives, leaders and Professional Services Providers to grow their business, improve communication/presentation skills, increase sales, and enhance their community image. As an educator, he has taught communications at The University of Notre Dame, The Weatherhead School of Management, The Ohio State University, and The John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

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