How to Turn Relationships into Revenue

episode #452 – February 28, 2020

GUEST: Denise Praul / Whiteboard Learning

Instead of trying to sell to prospects use introductions and referrals to invite them to buy from you. 

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When a prospective customer is referred to your business by someone they know and trust, some of that authority is automatically transferred to you. As a result, you are more likely to close the sale from these qualified leads. 

In this conversation, referral expert, Denise Praul explains how to build a referral process which will systematically grow your business. 

KEY TAKEAWAY:  If You’re Not Asking Your Relationships for Referrals, Someone Else Is

our guest denise praul

Denise has taken her passion for teaching and helping others and combined it with her referral marketing mastery to create White Board Learning. She is committed to sharing practical real world information to help business professionals create referral marketing strategies to grow their business and succeed in their professional pursuits.

Her most popular program The Roadmap to Endless Referrals is a twelve week program that transforms your mindset from scarcity to abundance

In 2004, she began her journey to learn more about the world of referral marketing to build her property tax business. Since then, she has used the invaluable knowledge she gained to increase her referrals by 100 percent.

For more than 15 years, she has trained new members of the local BNI on referral marketing and taught leadership teams on how to encourage and manage their chapters. She has met and trained people from around the world while serving as a Master Trainer for the Referral Institute.

As a state-certified tax representative, she has helped numerous businesses and homeowners navigate the state’s tax system. As a businesswoman, she has sat on several boards, represented local chapters at the national level, and been mentored by some of the best referral marketers in the country. And as a humanitarian, she has been recognized by organizations around the Indianapolis region and been awarded for her passion and commitment to community service. Denise has a strong passion for helping others and she’s ready to help you.

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