How to Make Money with a Business Book

episode #453 – March 3, 2020

GUEST: Cindy Childress | The Experts Ghostwriter

Build trust with your audience and establish yourself as a subject matter expert. 

the episode

If you want to be a consultant, you need to write a book.  You may not be a best selling author, you don’t have to be.  The purpose of this book is to introduce yourself to a wider audience, to demonstrate your expertise, and establish credibility as a s subject matter expert. 

In this conversation, Dr. Cindy outline’s the steps you need to take to get ready to write a book. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: The book is not the moneymaker.  It is a way to introduce your consulting, training and speaking services. 

our guest – dr. cindy childress

Dr. Cindy, The Expert’s Ghostwriter, is a ghostwriter and book editor for coaches and consultants that go on to achieve bestseller status, book TEDx Talks, build coaching businesses, and create nonprofits.

She developed the Write Your Book Blueprint™ framework to create reading experiences that encourage reviews and turn readers into lifelong fans of the author. Her best clients want to publish books that make an impact, and she’s committed to write and edit their books to look and feel like any other bestseller at a major bookstore.

Dr. Cindy also teaches creative writing classes with Writespace Houston and is a foster mom with Citizens for Animal Protection.

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