Recognize Your Communication Style

episode #454 – March 6, 2020

GUEST: Yamilette Williams, aka Dr. Yam | Keep it Simple Coach

People rely primarily on one of four communication styles What’s yours?

the episode

Imagine stepping on to an elevator and the person inside greets you warmly and begins to engage you in a conversation.  Does the prospect of that conversation make you smile or horrify you?  

The answer will depend on your communication style. Understanding difference in how we communicate can make your next sales call or employee interaction much easier. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: Listening to the type of questions people ask will give you clues to their communication style. 

our guest

Being a business owner during this global centrix world we live in  isn’t easy and Yamilette Williams, AKA Dr. Yam knows first hand. While she has had many  “side hustles” since childhood, her recent endeavor launching Synergy Solutions came out of an unfortunate situation.

Dr. Yam grew up with a father who always demonstrated strength and perseverance for living his dream of working for himself and answering to no one.

So she got to attend “Gary’s Street University” and learned what school can’t teach you – GRIT (the tendency to sustain interest in and effort toward very long-term goals (Duckworth et al., 2007).

Dr. Yam’s mission is to educate, inspire and lead growth in others. She coaches aspiring entrepreneurs and small biz owners both 1:1 and group settings to become confident, prepared and thriving members of the commerce society. Considered a resource reservoir, Dr. Yam loves to share the latest tips and tools to ensure success isn’t a one time event.

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