“Social Media Chef”

episode #455 – MARCH 8, 2020

GUEST: Lorraine Ball | Roundpeg

Just because you can cook, does not mean you should open a restaurant.The same is true for social media. 

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In this sound bite, Lorraine Ball explains why everyone is not ready to be a social media chef.

My husband is an amazing cook. He reads recipes and comes up with his own variations, blending and layering ingredients in new and delicious ways. And even though he’s amazing in our kitchen, he should not own a restaurant. Why? Because he knows how to time a meal with three dishes for eight people. But expanding that to 30 dishes for 100 people require skills he does not have

The same challenge exists when it comes to managing professional social media. Lots of people are good on social media. They’re funny and engaging and they have a large following, but just because they’re good at managing their own accounts does not mean they have the skills to be a successful social media chef.

What does it take to be successful as a professional social media chef level? It boils down to two things.

The first is a precise recipe or content calendar which describes the ingredients such as the topics, types of content, and amount of content.

The second is a plan for managing your kitchen, delegating tasks and coordinating when and where content will be shared.

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