“2020 Marketing Trends”

episode #457 – MARCH 11, 2020

GUESTS: Meghan Martin & Melanie Allen Green Loop Marketing

If you aren’t learning, you are falling behind.

the episode

If you want insight into hot marketing trends, it is best to ask more than one person.  That is exactly what Melanie Allen and Meghan Martin of Green Loop Marketing did.  They reached out to nine marketing professionals to get their opinion on what would be hot in 2020.

The result is an informative article about nine trends to watch in 2020.  The article has something for everyone from the marketing novice and social media pro.

KEY TAKEAWAY: If you aren’t learning, you are falling behind. 

our guests

A full-service, boutique agency, Green Loop Marketing brings a unique approach that combines solid social media skills with great content, and strong overall strategy to drive visitors to your website or place of business. The result is increased awareness, better brand affinity, and higher sales.

Co-founders Melanie Allen and Meghan Martin, met while providing consulting for a common client. They quickly realized their skill sets were the perfect complement for doing what they loved—helping local businesses grow.

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