“Contagious Content”

episode #460- MARCH 20, 2020

GUEST: Andrea Breanna | RebelMouse

Contagious content strikes a chord with SOME people.  Making it impossible for them to move on without sharing.

the episode

Contagious content is something that SOME people will find so interesting they will be unable to resist the urge to share it. As Andrea Breanna, the founder of Rebel Mouse explains we share things  because we want to show off what we know, connect with others or because something is so striking it hits our ITMO (inability to move on). 

Creating contagious content boils down to emotions: Love, hate, belief and disbelief.  Great content will tap in to one or more of these emotions.  And often it will be love for some part of your audience and hate for another.  That’s ok.  It means you have tapped into an emotion and avoided the dead zone in the middle.

KEY TAKEAWAY: For more on this topic check out the blog post on RebelMouse.

our guest

Andrea Breanna is the founder and CEO of RebelMouse. RebelMouse is a better platform for brands and new media companies. The company has built two of the biggest new media companies to date — The Dodo and Axios — and powers United Airline’s hub.

Before launching RebelMouse, Andrea was CTO of The Huffington Post. Andrea is also on the Consumer Advisory Board for American Express, and is an adviser to Lerer Hippeau Ventures.

Andrea is proudly and openly transgender.

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