Measuring the Customer Experience

episode #506 – August 6, 2020

GUEST: Stacy Sherman | DoingCXRight®

Customer experience it’s not just a single moment, but rather a series of interactions,which define how well they perceive a brand delivers on their promises 

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When people throw around the term customer experience, what are they really talking about? They’re talking about the experience that customers go through when interacting with your brand.  It is not just a single moment, but rather a series of interaction in their customer journey.

The cumulative impact of these experiences defines how they feel and how they perceive the brand is delivering on their promise. 

How do measure customer experience?  One of the easiest ways is to simply ask questions such as how likely are you to recommend the product, service or brand or how easy is it to do business with this brand?

When should you ask the questions? There are two different metrics, transactional and relational.  The first measures opinions at the moment of service and the other is a more global perception of your brand.  The information gathered will be very different. Somebody in the heat of the moment is going to feel one way but with the perspective of two years of working with you, may think differently.

our guest stacy sherman

Stacy Sherman is a Customer Experience (CX) Leader, Strategist, Practitioner, and Digital Marketer. She’s known for humanizing business and differentiating brands beyond price.

Stacy is currently the Director of Customer Experience and Employee Engagement at Schindler Elevator Corporation and previously led CX at Verizon. When Stacy’s not at work, she’s coaching, blogging, speaking, writing for Forbes, and Advising as CX Founding Board Member at several universities.

Stacy is on a mission to help connect people and inspire great authentic customer experiences fueled by motivated, happy employees. It is the reason she started DoingCXRight®, which is a journey-based framework that maximizes satisfaction through a practical approach. It entails both heart and science — combining proven methodologies to create real brand affinity, loyalty, and a competitive edge that delivers results.

Learn more about Stacy and DoingCXRight®‬  and look for Stacy on social media:


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