“Blogging Checklist”

episode #509 -AUGUST 16, 2020 

GUEST: Lorraine Ball | Roundpeg and Digital Toolbox

Time to start working on your blog?  Use our blogging checklist tips to get started. 

the episode

A few thoughts to start your blogging checklist.

I am a big fan of blogging because I think it can be a very powerful part of your overall marketing. So what’s involved in a successful blog? Well, to start it needs to be filled with a steady stream of content filled with relevant keywords.

That’s great for search engines, but it also needs to be well written and relevant content for your target audience. Then then content needs to be properly indexed and categorized. s both human beings and search engines will find what they are looking for. .

Writing a good 500 word post is sometimes the easiest part of the process. Beyond the post itself, there needs to be a plan for your call to action at the end of the post, attractive images and links to other relevant content both on and off your site.

Sounds like a lot of trouble.  Is it worth it?  You bet it is each time a a customer find your content.  Ready to get started?  Grab a copy of our content calendar to plan your attack. 

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