“Click This”

episode #513 -August 30, 2020

GUEST: Lorraine Ball | Roundpeg and Digital Toolbox

When you drive someone to your landing page, that is not the time to be subtle. 

the episode

How to you get web visitors to Click This? The internet is filled with calls to action. Everywhere you go, there are brightly colored buttons commanding you to read more, get the content, watch this or buy now; all those buttons exist because they work. People respond, click or take action when commanded to do so, but some buttons work better than others.

If you’re going to design buttons for your website, keep the message short: 1-3 words so the reader can comprehend the command at a glance, use action phrases, tell people what to do, click here, register here, and most of all, don’t submit. In a study of effective calls to action submit was one of the least effective phrases you could choose.

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