“Make a Great Second Impression”

episode #518 – SEPTEMBER 17, 2020

GUEST: Janice Porter | Send Out Cards

If you want to build a relationship, it is the second impression which matters. 

the episode

Our guest, Janice Porter explains that it starts with being a good listener, and learning about the other person. Then when you follow up, refer to something from the first conversation to show them you’re interested.

Whether you are connecting in person or online, the strategies are still the same. Being curious, asking questions and paying attention build rapport no matter where the connection occurs.

One of Janice’s favorite follow up tools is Send Out Cards, an online greeting card and gifting service that sends real cards and gifts in the mail. In an era when everything is digital, this tool uses snail mail, to give the other person a physical tangible touch.  And when they receive it, the personalized card gives you a chance to demonstrate you were paying attention as you reference something they mentioned in your conversation.

Take out Janice’s offer for free cards when you go to sendacardeverytime.com

our guest janice porter

Business owner, trainer and connector Janice has  an innate curiosity and genuine love of people. She is known as a master communicator, and her passion is specializing in working and teaching professionals online and offline networking and marketing strategies for attracting, developing, nurturing and retaining relationships that enhance business growth and profitability.

Connecting like-minded people is one of her innate gifts, because she cares and deeply values each person in her network. It is with deep insight and a steadfast belief in relationship marketing that Janice makes the introductions, and only when she is knows it will be beneficial to both parties. 

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