“Time to Get Agile”

episode #520 – SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

GUEST: Connie Steele | Flywheel Associates

Want to get a product to market or a marketing campaign launched quickly then take an agile approach.

the episode

These days it feels like everything has to move just a little bit faster. In response to the “need for speed” many companies are embracing Agile Development for their marketing programs. 

Our guest, Connie Steele shares some ideas on how companies can put agile marketing to work. It begins with a test and learn mindset where you start small, constantly iterating, as you work fully collaboratively with all the stakeholders from beginning to end. 

The advantage of this approach vs traditional marketing is the ability to have results  which accomplish your business objectives, sooner rather than later. T

How do you ensure your agile approach is successful? 

  • Start with clarity around what the business goal and make sure all participants have the same vision for the final outcome.
  • Next you will need constant collaboration and communication throughout the process.
  • Be ready to adjust, adjust and adjust again.
  • Then test your MVP ( minimum viable product) Put it out there for the customers to give you an opinion. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: Your MVP doesn’t have to be perfect. Use customer input to improve the next iteration. If you wait for perfect it may never happen. 

our guest : connie steele

​Connie Steele is a seasoned marketing and strategy executive with a passion for building and growing brands. With 20 years of experience from start-ups to F500 companies, B2C and B2B businesses, she’s learned that in order to really break through the business inertia, it requires bridging the gap between strategy and execution. And that happens through continuously learning, iterating and adapting based on data-driven insights – because she inherently knows that no one solution fits all.

It’s this premise that drives her management consultancy Flywheel Associates.

Simultaneously, Connie hosts the Strategic Momentum Podcast, furthering her mission of helping people and companies they work for reach their full growth potential. The show offers tips, stories and advice from progressive leaders on what it takes to break through common business challenges, gain new skills and perspectives, and drive careers and businesses forward.

Connie has also been a guest on several business podcasts and is a contributor to Arianna Huffington’s consumer well-being and productivity platform Thrive Global.

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