episode #534 – November 12, 2020

GUEST: Jon Tromans 

Want to win search?  Don’t write for Google, write for real people. 

the episode

Everyone talks about SEO as if it was some magic formula, that only a few specialized magicians can handle. But the truth is anyone who owns a website can take small steps to improve their SEO and gain the attention of search engines.

Guest Jon Tromans suggests the best place to start is with the person who’s actually using your website.  Think about the journey they take as you lead them through your website toward a sale. The words on the page must answer their questions and solve their problems.  Most people make the mistake of trying to write for the search spiders, the robot intelligence behind Google.  But what Google wants is for you to write for the real human being who’s searching on Google.

Imagine your have a bricks and mortar store and a customer walks through the front door.  As they start talking to you about your products and your services you can only use the words on your website to answer their questions. .Is their enough information?  Would you make the sale? If not, you don’t have enough information to satisfy visitors or search engines. 


our guest

Jon Tromans is a Digital Marketing Trainer, former radio broadcaster, podcaster and creator of the online course ‘A Better Website For A Fiver’.

He has over 20 years experience in building websites, marketing campaigns and helping businesses of all sizes improve their digital content.

Jon is also the host of the popular Not Another Marketing Podcast where he interviews experts on various aspects of digital marketing with the goal of improving skills and knowledge.

Jon Tromans SEO

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