“Simple PR Tips”

episode #536 – November 19, 2020

GUEST: Steve Turner | Solomon Turner PR

Generate thousands of dollars of publicity for your business if you spend a little time to understand the concept of PR and what editors and journalists are looking for.  

the episode

In the old days we talked about advertising vs pr. Now we refer to paid media vs earned media. Regardless of what you call it, there is a tremendous opportunity to get your message in front of prospective customers if you know how to tell your story.

Let’s start with the difference between Advertising and PR. With advertising you are able to communicate with your audience using a message that you control. You can pick the date and time of your advertisement, you pick the vehicle you want it delivered in, whether it’s a newspaper, online television, or radio, and you pick the calendar items to go with it.

In contrast, there is a filter when it comes to public relations. That filter is the editor of the newspaper or blog  or the producer of the TV news show or podcast. They decide when or if they will invite you for an interview or run your story. While you would like to have ten paragraphs in the article or twenty minutes of air time, you may only see a fraction of that information shared in the final piece.

But when you get that coverage, it is so powerful because that third party endorsement gives you tremendous credibility.


our guest – steve turner

Steve Turner is a Principal with Solomon Turner PR in St. Louis. Solomon Turner was started by Steve and his partner Shelly Solomon in 1990 and is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020. The firm has won several awards including Small Business Monthly’s list of Top PR firms in St. Louis for 12 years in a row and Steve was recently named a Rockstar Publicist by Thrive Global and Authority Magazine.

Steve has worked with clients in both the B2B and B2C sectors. Clients have included Anthony Robbins Seminars, Coldwell Banker, HealthSouth, Northwestern Mutual, and dozens of companies on a national and local basis. Today Steve and Solomon Turner’s focus is primarily to help amplify the brand of small and mid-sized businesses. Steve is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Steve Turner suggests you use public relations to get your message out.

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