“Look Before You Leap”

episode #546 –  Dec. 24, 2020

GUEST: Krishna Mohan | Genius Visionary Inc.

Ask the right questions to determine the viability of your business proposition.

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This week we explore…

Questions to ask before you start your business.

These days, lots of people are thinking about starting their own businesses, but they are not quite sure where to start. Too often they focus all their energy on the product, service, or technology assuming the market will love it. 

Krishna suggests they need to evaluate the market potential by asking questions about their ideal client, the potential size of the market, who their competitors are, and how it will be delivered to the marketplace.

Next look at the numbers. What are the projected costs? Will the price be enough to generate a profit? And finally, why they want to start a business? Do they want to make a million dollars in the next 12 months, build this company to sell to a private equity company, use this as one step toward retirement?

Different objectives will lead to different action plans. Once there is a clear objective, then it is easier to determine a dollar value to reach the destination and develop a plan to get there.

our guest Krishna Mohan

Krishna Mohan is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Speaker, #1 Best-selling Author, as seen on FOX TV and multiple media outlets, President of Genius Visionary, Managing Partner of Capital Street
Investments LLP, and President of Gifting Boutique.

Over the last 20 years he has helped 3 Fortune 500 companies and several start-up organizations focusing on Sales, Business Development and Finance. His management style has been described as decisive and motivational, where success comes from a focused commitment to developing new business, cultivating relationships, training salespeople and creating growth strategies. He is involved in
several acquisitions and mergers.

Krishna has a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management MMM, an MBA-International Business and an MS in Finance.

Krishna is an acclaimed speaker and regularly speaks in various corporate events, boot camps and management trainings.

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