“Niche SEO”

episode #560 -January 31, 2021

HOST: Lorraine Ball | Roundpeg and Digital Toolbox

As a small business you can’t dominate everywhere, but you can win with a Niche SEO approach

the episode

Okay, so you’ve launched your new website and everything’s great. It looks wonderful. But you’ve noticed that you’re not getting a lot of traffic. You probably did some basic SEO when you first launched the site, now’s a great time to continue to build on that foundation by adding blogs and additional landing pages.

These new pages don’t increase just the size of your website. They provide additional content and give you an opportunity to focus on niche topics to attract the attention of search engines. You’re not going to win competing against giant national and international corporations on mega keywords. But what you can do is go down these really narrow rabbit holes and focus on a niche topic to create a custom landing page. When you can focus in on a niche topic and control that keyword, you can win the battle for SEO, and drive great traffic to your website. 

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