“Money Blocks”

episode #612 –  July 1, 2021

GUEST: Dr. Amanda Barrientez / NFA Money

We all have money blocks, limiting beliefs about money.

the episode

With Neuro freedom  your objective is to align our mind, how you view the world to create your reality. It takes practice but if you can identify core beliefs that unconsciously drive your behavior you can begin to shirt your world.

Many business owners have money blocks which are unconscious and conflicting thoughts and feelings about money that prevent you from creating your desired level of financial success.

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our guest dr. amanda barrientez

Dr. Amanda Barrientez is a NFA – No Fucking Around/NeuroFreedom® Alignment – Business Consultant who helps coaches and online entrepreneurs unblock and more than double their money flow using her proprietary Manifesting Profits™ strategies.

After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, she’s been on a quest to teach work-from-home business builders how to make more money doing exactly what they love to do.

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What are your money blocks?

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