“Inbound Form”

episode #613 -July 4, 2021

HOST: Lorraine Ball | Digital Toolbox

At the heart of your landing page is the inbound form. Ask for too much and you lose the prospect.

the episode

Last week I shared a few tips building effective landing pages. This week we’re going to turn our attention to the submission or inbound form because this is where the magic happens.

The first rule of submission forms is the more you ask for, the less you’ll get. Every question you add is going to reduce the number of people who take the time to fill it out. So only ask for what you really need.

If you’re never going to call the person don’t ask for a phone number. Keep it to name an email address and start sending them information and you will earn the right to ask for more.  Beyond the questions, the design of your form matters. Remember many people will complete the form on a mobile device, So make it easy to access on mobile by left aligning the questions in a single column.


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Keep your inbound form short

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