“Limiting Beliefs”

episode #622 –  June 27, 2021

GUEST: Connie Jones

Your beliefs can limit your success. 

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We create these upper limits for ourselves fueled by messages we have received starting early on in childhood about who we are and who we are not.  And who we are supposed to be.  We create patterns of playing roles that are consistent with those messages, but sometimes the messages are wrong and the pattern becomes a trap.

To break the cycle of limiting beliefs, you must first identify the belief, recognize it is creating your reality and chose to change what you believe.  Often it stars with simply acting “as if” until the new behavior becomes natural and you being to believe you can do or be more.


our guest connie jones

Connie Jones is a Therapist, Coach, Motivational

Speaker and Best Selling Author of Warrior Arise! Live Bravely, Freely, and Authentically YOU. She is the founder and owner of Arise Counseling and Coaching in Peachtree City and she is passionate about connecting with people’s hearts, while engaging the unique stories they’ve fulfilled in their personal and professional lives. An intuitive and dynamic motivator, Connie recognizes the barriers that prevent her clients from living in true freedom and fulfillment. She empowers them to break away from old beliefs and patterns that keep them struggling, striving, and surviving, guiding them to powerful transformation in their lives. She helps them step into their truest, most powerful selves, so they can live and lead bravely, freely, and wholeheartedly in a life they love!

Connie coaches entrepreneurs, executives and leaders to awaken their inner fire, uncage from limiting mindsets and habits, and unleash their greatness. A natural discerner, she recognizes and understands her clients’ innate design and strengths, as well as their internal conflicts. She guides them to discover their passion and purpose, grow in wholeness, and tear down barriers that hinder their success. Tapping into their inner wisdom and power, they experience deeper levels of meaning and fulfillment, soaring to new heights in their personal and professional lives.

Connie Jones Don't let limiting beliefs hold you back

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