“Copywriting tips”

episode #623 –  July 29, 2021

GUEST: Breanna Gunn

Want people to pay attention to your copy?  Stop talking at them and start talking to them. 

the episode

This week, our guest, Breanna Gunn is a copywriting professional. She shared tips on how to create content which gets noticed and drives results. To begin with she suggests you need to tell a story and make it engaging. Build the relationship with your reader by making it about them and not you.

Your readers are human, and they are selfish and self centered, so they want to read copy that is about them. Where possible substitute words like you and your with “I”. Bring the reader into the conversation.

She also suggests that you stop worrying about the word count and focus on being relevant. Engage readers and search engines will notice.

And finally Breanna Gunn says you should write the way you speak.  It will be more natural, and more readable.

our guest breanna gunn

Breanna Gunn is a messaging and funnel specialist, working with business owners and entrepreneurs to create messaging and processes that inspire loyalty, momentum, and action that leverages trust, authenticity, and profitability.

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