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episode #624  August 1,  2021

HOST: Lorraine Ball |  Digital Toolbox

Why blog? Because this is the best way to convince both search engines and real people that you are an expert in your business.

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One of the most interesting findings in this year’s digital marketing survey was on the topic of blogging.  Fewer small business owners than ever told us they were using blogging as part of their marketing. And even those that do blog, are blogging less often.

Why is this a big deal? Because blogging is such an important part of your internet marketing strategy. It provides content to feel your social media updates, and it helps you build credibility. Blog posts provide a place to showcase work samples, case studies, product updates, and company news.  Your blog shortens your sales cycle as it helps customers get to know you, your employees and your approach to solving problems just like theirs.

Finally blog posts give you a steady stream of rich, relevant content to increase the chance that your site will show up in Google searches. Have I answered the question, “why blog”?  I hope so.

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