“Blog Objectives”

episode #636 – SEPTEMBER 5, 2021

HOST: Lorraine Ball | Digital Toolbox

Why do you have a blog?  It can’t just be because I said so. 

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You have a blog for your business, that is an important first step.  But if you want to transform a good blog into a great one, there are several things you can do to improve your company blog,

First you need to do is think about why you’re blogging. You need to identify very specific objectives for your blog. That will allow you to then measure the results of your activity to decide if this whole blogging thing is even worthwhile.

Some potential goals could be increasing awareness of your company, educating potential customers, increasing customer engagement, generating leads, scheduling appointments, reducing service questions, improving your search position on Google.

Once you identify those goals, you need to also identify how you’re going to measure that. For example, you can look at your overall web traffic, you can look at how often people download information, fill out forms, you can look at and see whether or not you’re having fewer customer service request issues. So as you’re mapping out your blog strategy, think about what your objective is, and how you’re going to measure your progress


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