“A Crazy Idea”

episode #638 September 12, 2021

HOST: Lorraine Ball | Digital Toolbox

Never let anyone dampen your enthusiasm when you have a crazy idea.

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Don’t be afraid of a crazy idea. When I started my career, I was full of crazy, innovative ideas which were routinely shut down by senior managers. I grew to hate hearing “That isn’t how we do things” or “We tried that and it didn’t work”.

When I left corporate, I assumed I was leaving the negative energy behind. Unfortunately, resistance to change is human nature. I haven’t changed. I still throw out lots of crazy, sometimes half baked ideas. But the difference is when I hear one of those soul killing phrases, I have a different response.

When someone says, “that isn’t how we do things”,  I simply ask why?

When someone says “it didn’t work”, I’ll ask them. Why not? How long did you try? What’s changed in your company since then,?

So I want you tp commit to two things. Number one, you are not going to use those phrases when someone else suggests a crazy idea to you. And number two, you’re going to turn the conversation around when someone resists your idea.

It takes a little practice but it’s well worth the effort.

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