“Find a Peer Group”

episode #647-  October 14,  2021

GUEST: Jon Tsourakis​

Treat the input from a peer group like a buffet, lots of choices for you to choose from.

the episode

When you collaborate with people you would, on the surface level think of as your competitors, it is amazing what happens. You will discover your business is healthier, your mental status healthier and the tips and tricks and strategies that you uncover can completely change how you operate your business.

What about the fear of competitors stealing your secrets?  Our guest, Jon Tsourakis​ believes every business is like a fingerprint.  Each business has their own unique way about going about what it is they do. Different core values and different DNA means that not every suggestion will work for you, so you should treat iput from peers like a buffet, with lots of choices.


our guest jon tsourakis​

About Jon in his own words… 

I’m a serial entrepreneur, seasoned leader and strategist. I’m an expert in brand identity, business communications, buyer behavior, sales conversions, marketing systems, product/service design and digital marketing.
I created two companies that averaged 4X’s ROI for businesses with branding and marketing models. In my industry, I’ve done it all to some extent: write, draw, code, design, but I shine as a marketing strategist and sales developer.

In 2019, I merged my agency and became co-owner of Oyova. As President and Chief Revenue Officer where I’m responsible for the sales and growth

Jon Tsourakis  - peer group

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