“Social Media is Personal”

episode #657 –  November 18, 2021

GUEST: Victoria Lee

Social media is a human platform. Your audience wants to read real stories about real people so your content needs to be personal

the episode

Ultimately, social media is a human platform. If we can read a story and we can relate to it, we’re more likely to engage with that, we’re more likely to comment on it, like it and share it. Our guest, Victoria Lee suggests in every single post you create, you want to relate that back to your own experience.  She believes those personal posts are the top type of posts when it comes to creating content that gets the best levels of engagement.

Even larger firms can be personal. The trick is to engage others beyond you as the owner.  Bring in team members and tell their stories.  And don’t forget your customers. They have stories and experiences with you as well. Their stories may come in the form of testimonials talking about working with your and the results they have achieved.

As you are trying t bring a personal touch to your marketing, consider video.  Your social media video don’t have to be slick and over-produced.  A simple smart phone video, will bring a personal touch to your story and highlight the human side of your business. 


our guest victoria lee

Victoria is the CEO & Co-Founder of 100 Pound Social which is a fully productized, low-cost social media content agency — run like a SaaS company! 100 Pound Social was founded in 2017 and was fully bootstrapped. Now 100 Pound Social has over 200 customers, 72% average year-on-year revenue growth and 52% average year-on-year customer growth. Victoria started out working in journalism then started 100 Pound Social following spinal surgery in order to create a work-from-home flexible job for herself. Today, 100 Pound Social is a full remote/distributed company with over 20 team members.

when we read a story we can realate to we are more likely to engage - Victoria lee

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