“More than One Reason to Buy”

episode #661 –  December 2, 2021

Re-release episode #836 April 11, 2023 

GUEST: Leon Streete

When you know the frustrations, fears, wants and aspirations or your audience, then you have the foundation of your marketing

the episode

You have probably heard multiple times you need to start your sales process by defining your niche because when you do, you can create more relevant content.  

But our guest Leon Streete, says just defining the “who” is not enough.  The demographics only gives you half of the picture. The second part, which is usually the most important part, is to think about what is going on psychologically with your audience.

Why is this important?  When people make a buying decision, they make it first with emotion. So if your message has no emotion, you’re not going to get people to the end result. Your sales pitch will be missing the very thing that’s going to get them engaged and interested.  

Once you understand those elements you can begin to outline a list of things which frustrate them.  Make the list as long as possible, because every customer will be a little different.  Having multiple pain points will give you multiple messages potential customers may connect with. 


our guest leon streete

Leon Streete is the “Lead Generation Coach” and Founder of Business Owner Elevation Ltd, which has been created to help Coaches & Consultants with Marketing Strategy using his unique approach and incorporating Direct Response Marketing. The company is very close to Leon’s heart and reflects both fresh and new ideas whilst actually making a difference both in results and transformation using his 20+ years of marketing experience.

Leon Streete - Do You Know what keeps your customers up at night?

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