“Taste The Difference”

episode #677 – JANUARY 23, 2022

HOST: Lorraine Ball

Truly exceptional products do not come from trying to be all things to all people.

the episode

My husband loves scotch and it was on his bucket list to see where it was made. So several years ago, I found myself wandering through distillery after distillery hearing about malting, mash and wort, the importance of good water, roasting temperatures for barley and what yeast does to the mixture.

At first I thought all the tours were the same. Then, I began to really listen to the tour guides, watching as each one puffed up with pride as they explained their point of difference, the one thing which made their whisky taste better than any other.

So which is best? Well that is a matter a taste. Some people prefer the smoky effect the peat brings to whisky, while others prefer the milder flavors which come from steam heat and triple distilling. Our preferences are impacted by the type of whisky we normally drink, as well the food we pair with it.

Given dramatically different taste preferences, there is no way to create a whisky which will please everyone. Instead the best distilleries understand what makes their whisky different. They focus your attention on that element, so as you taste their product you become a believer, too.

This is the essence of niche strategy. Truly exceptional products do not come from trying to be all things to all people. Best in category comes when you commit to finding what makes your product or service unique and do it exceptionally well.

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