“Create Content that Converts”

episode #708 April 12, 2022

GUEST: Dani Hao

Looking for content ideas? Start with the steps of the customer journey. 

the episode

So you’ve been creating content for awhile. You’ve got blog posts, images and videos.  You share it on social media and place it on your website, but that isn’t enough, because you aren’t creating content for fun.  The goal is to generate leads and maybe sales.

In this episode, Dani Hao and I discuss how to create marketing content that actually converts. She suggests creating content specifically targeted at each stage in the buyer journey. That content should drive visitors to a specific landing page, with a call to action matched to that stage of the journey. 

our guest Dani Hao

Dani Hao doesn’t believe in short-term wins – She believes in building brands, community, and real connections. To truly win customers and drive pipeline and revenue, you must first understand them as people. To truly understand people, you must learn to listen.

She started her career in fashion but eventually went solo as a marketing agency owner, specializing in helping SMEs and startups build trust and authenticity. She loves telling the stories of the people behind the businesses and creating larger movements that build a fan base.


Dani Hao

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