“Sell the Transformation”

episode #709  – April 14, 2022

GUEST: Joe Matz

Don’t focus on the features of what you sell, but how you change the lives and businesses of your customers. 

the episode

If you’re looking for different results tomorrow than you had yesterday you need to make changes.  Sometimes it is a small change, but often it is a significant transformation in your business or in your life. But how do you make those transformative changes?   And more importantly, as you work with clients, what is the transformation you will make for them?

Lorraine explored the topic of transformation  with Joe Matz a serial entrepreneur who has owned businesses in Italy, Brazil and the US. Today he works with executives, solopreneurs and micro business owners who want to develop and build a profitable, unique signature program as well as a monetizing roadmap.

our guest Joe Matz

Joe is a Certified Professional Coach who excels in building value and developing a plan for success using a systematic approach to create a unique business that stands out from the crowd, delivers results, and transforms a business into a money making machine.

His goal is straightforward – to help serious business owners see a dramatic and immediate increase in leads, sales, and revenue.