“What Type of Networking Animal Are You?”

episode #712 – April 21, 2022

GUEST: Rochelle Groh

Sometimes it feels as if it is a jungle out there. That is definitely true when you think of attending a networking event, filled with different networking animals.

the episode

The next time you go to a networking event, guest Rochelle Groh suggests you should look for the four types of networking animals.

  • The shark, who is ready to take a bite out of every conversation
  • The penguin who typically gravitates to the same people at every event
  • The bee who knows everyone in the room
  • The lone wolf who prefers longer, more one on one conversations.

Curious about what type of networker you are?  Take the brief quiz here


our guest Rochelle Groh

Rochelle is the Co-Founder of Cutclass and the host of the Allergic to Small Talk podcast.

Rochelle focuses on teaching first time small business owners the ABCs of business networking. This often leads to sales for their business, collaborations with other business owners, and connections that last a lifetime


Rochelle Groh - Networking Animal

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