“Find the Yin to Your Yang”

episode #716 – MAY 1, 2022

HOST: Lorraine Ball

You will need to accept the idea you don’t always know the best answer but you can find it with the Yin to your Yang.

the episode

I love running my own business, getting to do things “my way” … most of the time. But I learned that to be successful, I need to also listen to the opinions of others. Who are these “others?” They are people who compliment my weaknesses and have skills to fill my blind spots. They are the Yang to my Yin.

What Is Yin-Yang?

With roots dating back to China in 1300 BCE, Yin-yang refers to a concept where opposite forces are seen as interconnected and counterbalancing. Together the two halves make a whole, and while one is mostly dark and the other is mostly light there is a little bit of each in the other.

Yin, represents darkness, passivity, and the earth. Yang represents light, activity, and the heavens.

Do you have a Business Yin-Yang?

Whether it is your next hire or a member of your advisory board, expand your input by bringing people into your circle who brings a fresh perspective and different set of skills. Remember even someone who seems to be your complete opposite, should share some common ground with you.

For example, I tend to be more of a Yang, positive, active, and always looking ahead. I have always relied on at least one Yin, who is more grounded and practical to help me think through the potential obstacles. With a more methodical approach, sometimes my Yin makes me a little crazy but our shared interests in growing entrepreneurial enterprises gives us a common language and starting point.

How do you find your other half?

Start with a little introspection and make a list of all your weaknesses. Be honest, or this won’t work. Pick one or two weaknesses you know you aren’t likely to change. For example, I am always going to be bored by the fine details of contracts, procedures, etc. I can promise, make resolutions, and try to focus on the extremely fine print, but I am not going to do it well. So the alternative is to find someone who is the opposite, who loves to dot every “i” and cross every “t”.


Once you start bringing people into your business who have different styles, perspectives, and talents be prepared to compromise. You are going to bump into the conflicting opinions. If you commit to building a complete business, you will need to face some uncomfortable conversations.

There will be tough questions to answer. The ideas you can defend are the ones worth pursuing. This works when you approach each conflict by looking for the common ground. It is there, somewhere. And finally, you will need to accept the idea you don’t always know the best answer but you can find it with the Yin to your Yang.

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