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episode #722 –  May 12, 2022

GUEST: John Hinson

Evergreen content has a long shelf life, answering important questions as new customers and prospects come along. 

the episode

Great content helps small business owners build trust and compete with businesses significantly larger, by establishing authority and credibility.

Guest John Hinson explains it is a cost effective strategy saving you potentially thousands of dollars every month because you are driving traffic without paid search.

In the legal field, many firms will populate their blog page with current events. Unfortunately, those posts have a really short shelf life. The pots don’t even provide much information.  In contrast, evergreen content is something that your audience can go back to 6 8 ten eighteen months down the line.

Where do you find evergreen topics?  Image someone walked up to you on the street and asked you a question. How would you answer that questions?  That’s the kind of you know surface level evergreen content that we’re talking about that has a ton of long-term value.

our guest John Hinson

John is the Editorial Director for Spotlight Branding, a content marketing company helping lawyers and other professionals increase referrals and attract better clients. John is also the host of two podcasts, The Law Firm Marketing Minute and Center Stage, where he dives into various aspects of marketing and business development.


john hinson on evergreen content

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