“Three Marketing Truths”

episode #726 – MAY 29,  2022

HOST: Lorraine Ball

Marketing hasn’t really changed in more than fifty years.

the episode

When it comes to marketing, there are three simple truths. The first is that marketing hasn’t really changed in 50 or 60 years. The basics of marketing are about what they were half a century ago.

What has changed are the tools. And that’s the second truth, there are always new tools on the horizon, new ways of doing things.

And the third truth is that the most effective marketing is marketing that is authentic and unique to your brand, your business and to you.

And so if you want to be successful, remember those three truths.

  • Get very familiar with marketing basics, Learn the fundamentals and the strategies that drive everything.
  • Keep up with what’s new and what’s changing.
  • And finally, to turn inward to discover your voice. Define what’s unique about you, and use that to guide your marketing.


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