“What Type of Bird Are You?”

episode #734 –  June 16, 2022

GUEST: Benjamin Bressington

Not everyone thinks like you. The trick is to learn to communicate in their style. 

the episode

Whether you’re trying to hire a new person, work with an agency or close a sale, the very first step is really figuring out if you’re sitting across the table from the right person.

The problem is that people don’t come with scorecards telling you exactly who they are and whether or not they’re a good fit, or do they?

Social engineer, Benjamin Bressington says there is a scorecard, if you look for it.  In this episode, he boils down people into four  main types, each with a set of communication patterns that give you insight into how they think.

Listen to this conversation to understand if you are an Eagle, Dove, Peacock or owl.

our guest Benjamin Bressington

Benjamin is a Speaker and Author of multiple books. With the latest book “People Ignorant: Unlocking Success, Confidence & Influence.”
Ben has a Law & Criminology degree from Australia. Ben spent 10 years helping Fortune 1000 companies apply gamification principles to their sales and communication process. And now spends his time helping people improve their sales conversations. Specifically helping people to close deals faster and discover the hidden opportunities in our daily communication.
If you have ever wanted to connect with people more authentically or understand the real meaning of what someone is saying. Benjamin cycles on average 150 miles per week when he’s not designing algorithms for persuasion.