“Better Networking Results”

episode #739 –  June 25, 2022

GUEST: Laura Templeton

Stop saying “please” in your call to action. 

the episode

I love a good networking event. but I know not everybody loves that process.  They’re often confused and frustrated with how to start the conversation and where to go after they’ve opened it.  Laura Templeton suggests you start by ditching the pitch mentality.

Start by crafting a short “I help” statement.  So when someone asks what you do, you an say I help . . .  That makes the conversation about your customers not you.  The next trick is to have a great set of questions you can use to get the other person talking.  

our guest Laura Templeton

Laura is an international speaker, author of 30 Second Success: ditch the pitch and start connecting!, and Communications Consultant.  She is the Chief Instigator at 30 Second Success, works with inspiring business owners and professionals who understand the power of connecting and want to make the most of their networking with an impactful 30 second message that leads to deeper conversations and more opportunities.

Learn more at:  30SecondSuccess.com