“Flip the Sales Conversation”

episode #740 –  June 30, 2022

GUEST: Chandler Walker

A sales conversation is about more than just finding pain.

the episode

You think you know everything about sales. You’ve heard all the presentations and everybody talks about pain and objections. Well, my guest Chandler Walker thinks that might be the wrong way to approach a sales.

He believes the goal isn’t just to stab at a prospect to find the pain.  Instead, when you become a cognitive listener you are able to identify the pain and understand where the pain exists.  Using that information you must help the prospect look not just short term, fixing the pain, but long term at the underlying issues which prevent them from being successful.

our guest Chandler Walker

Chandler started his entrepreneurial journey after graduating from the University of Nevada Reno with a degree in Biochemistry and forgoing a medical pathway to pursue a brick-and-mortar wellness facility.
He then pivoted to an online health practice a year before the COVID lockdowns.

After scaling both businesses to the 7 figure level and doing 3000-4000 sales consultations, Chandler was frustrated with the way sales were taught.

He was tired of the old-school objection handling, aggressive tactics, and salesy attitude taught by most sales trainers.

So he looked back at what he was doing, combed through his notes, and created Compassion Conversations.

A therapeutic-driven, psychological-based sales system centered around compassion and care.