“Unlock Creativity in Five Minutes a Day”

episode #742 –  July 5, 2022

GUEST: Fiona Valentine

Unlock your creativity by drawing for five minutes each day. 

the episode

People tell me they’re they don’t think they’re creative. But that’s not true. Everyone is creative. We just express it differently. And you need that creativity to solve the business and personal challenges in your life.

In this episode, our guest Fiona Valentine explains how simple it can be to unlock your creativity by  drawing just a few minutes every day.  Starting with a structure approach to learn the basic rules, anyone can learn to draw. That skill, in turn will unlock new parts of your brain, helping you think in new and different ways.


our guest Fiona Valentine

Fiona Valentine paints the beauty and joy she finds in nature, hosts The Confident Artist Facebook Group, and is creator of The Profitable Artist Method for aspiring artists who want to paint for fun and for profit, even if they’ve never sold any of their work before.
Her teaching challenges the typical advice given to creatives because she believes that both painting and the art of selling art can be learned by anyone willing to follow The Profitable Artist Method.

Fiona’s mission is to help each student enjoy their creativity and discover that real artists don’t starve, they thrive.